Superneum Bounties
(SUP Tokens )

Supernuems are SuperDAO’s organization crypto tokens. SuperDAO is an ethereum, reputation based, decentralized autonomous organization governance system for management of viable dapp ventures. In simple terms, a crowd managed organization developing profitable disruptive dapps. Some of our dapps in development are Pokereum decentralized poker and other decentralized media based dapp. SuperDAO Tokens “Superneum” ( Sup ), are the means to collaboratively vote on logistical options for organizational direction. SUP tokens are used for staking to earn more of the organizational tokens and as staking mechanism to earn network rewards within our dapps Pokereum and other dapps in stealth development. At the initial and current state of SuperDAO, SUP are called promissory tokens. You can earn SUP bounties by doing valuable peer reviewed tasks for the organization.

SuperDAO Budget

Superneum (SUP) Token Specs

Tokens available for Bounty :

15% | 15 million tokens

  • Price per token:
    • 0.0465617956 ETH
    • USD
  • Expected exchange listing date:

    Feb 28 2018

  • Expected Full token DAO deployment date:

    Feb 28 2018

  • Dapps:

    Pokereum, Torrent Media dapp


Tutorials & information

Getting started on board of our mission here
  • Download metamask
  • Create an account
  • Fund an address in your metamask wallet, select account.
  • Register your social media URL and metamask account
  • Start a Task with your objective, and description, then register by sending another transaction
  • Complete your task by submitting a descriptive outcome with a transaction
  • Earn tokens allotteted to your task when reviewed by other organization members

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